AT this time of the year there is usually an exodus of British citizens living on the island. “Home for Chrismas” is the headline for middle to late November. Infact, so many British citizens head back to Britain for the Christmas period, festive events are usually brought forward on the island. But this year it will be different.

The majority of British residents are staying on the island because of the ongoing coronvirus restrictions. I would say to them that Christmas on Mallorca is fun. Granted that this year there will be fewer events but there is still plenty to do and the weather is a lot nicer than in Britain! I would also urge local residents to spend as much as possible in local shops because they are obviously suffering very badly this year.

One of the best attraction continues to be the Christmas lights in Palma. The city council initially announced that they would be reducing the festive illuminations this year but then performing a U-turn annoncing that this year Palma would have more lights than ever before. So there is plenty of reasons to come to Palma.

Unfortunately, this year there is little hope of any tourism coming to the island for the festive period...the majority of hotels in the city are closed and the coronavirus restrictions makes travel difficult. The festive season was once a key time for the local tourist industry. Fingers crossed that things will have improved for next year. But, don´t worry if you stay on Mallorca you will have a happy Christmas!