UNCERTAINTY is the biggest challenge we all face right now, especially governments, and the Balearic government appears have a clever strategy.

Granted, yesterday’s news that we now have to register our contact details when going to a bar, restaurant or café in the event of the health authority needing to track and trace us, may come as another blow to some, but I honestly think many people would agree it is a sensible measure to take, especially with a Bank Holiday looming early next month then of course, the festive season.

What the Balearic government is doing is trying to stay one step ahead of the pandemic. It has already made it clear that how Christmas, New Year and Three Kings evolves in the region depends on how we, the general public behave over the December Bank Holiday.

Should we decide to break the rules, then, for our own medical safety, we will be made to pay and Christmas may turn out to be worse than expected.

However, if we all play our part and adhere to the Covid protocol, like it or not, we may be in for a Christmas surprise - I doubt very much it will be a large one, but it may be enough just to ease the frustration and reward the majority of people for their patience since early March. Yes, Christmas is going to be a tough one, but if we do the right thing, it will have all proved worth it next year.


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