Dear Editor

While we all wear face masks to protect ourselves and to protect others from ourselves, there is another form of protection that we could practise which would be equally beneficial to our lives. Vigilance when out and about.

Recently in the C&A store in downtown Palma I prevented a tourist from having his wallet stolen. I noticed a woman following a man very closely behind and with great dexterity unzipping a pocket on the man’s backpack. She then proceeded to follow the man down the escalator until she considered the time was right to dip into the now open pocket and remove the wallet within. At this point I stepped in and called her out. Security were nearby and came to apprehend her. The tourist was completely unaware of the impending robbery and was shocked when I explained what was about to take place behind his back (note – back packs are a very bad idea in an urban situation).

The point here is that I was observant of my surroundings and the simple act of one person so closely following another alerted me that something wrong was going on. If we could all be so vigilant for each other and take note of anything and anyone that looks out of place we could prevent many thefts and see off these criminals.

Chris Ogilvie-Taylor



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