Dear Sir,

Thanks MDB for gaining access to the regional government and questions that British migrants may have regarding Brexit.

I’m sorry - I don’t have a Brexit related question, but if appropriate, ask that you thank the Balearic Government for their support for those of us who choose to reside in Spain.

This is a fantastic country, and I feel very privileged to be here. The support and acceptance that the Majorcan community show to this ‘remainer’ is overwhelming, and the Government’s support is very much appreciated.

Many thanks

Covid support for English speakers

Dear Sir,

Yesterday my wife received a positive result for Covid-19. Mind you, she is not a strong Spanish speaker.

When the Track and Trace people called her, despite her best effort to communicate with them in Spanish, as soon as they hear her heavy accent they hung up on her. She tried to call them back and as soon as they heard her voice they hung up on her. At this point we’ve been hung up on five times.

There are four of us in the household. We have been given no instructions on what to do and have no capability to go get further tests because they won’t talk to us. We’ve informed my son’s basketball team that my wife had tested positive and none of us are showing any symptoms but we wanted to make sure everybody was safe. The entire team has now called off all games and practices waiting for his results and of course we can’t get a test because they keep hanging up on us.

It’s not like we’re not trying to communicate with them in Spanish at all. They’re not even giving us a chance.



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