PCR Tests to enter Mallorca

Dear Sir,

Just a comment on the new requirements to present a negative PCR test certificate on arrival into Palma.

Currently in the UK there is no guarantee that a test can be taken and returned within the required 72 hours prior to departure.

Add to that the £120.00 per person test fee and the result will, I believe, be widespread travel cancellation as news of the new rules become more widely known. (If it wasn’t for your coverage we would have been none the wiser as our airline has certainly not advised it’s passengers of the change)...

So, with a heavy heart we have just cancelled our usual trip out for Christmas and the New Year because of the difficulty of getting a test result before we travel. Friends, too, have decided that it is all too difficult and out of their own control and have also cancelled their trip to Mallorca.

This doesn’t appear to be a plan that supports tourism or second home owners like us!


Mark Deans


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Andy / Hace 11 months

Well said. Another own goal for the Mallorca government. Its ok though, high spending British & German second home owners wont come here for the foreseeable future but virus ridden Madridistas will come here at Christmas, see their families, spread the virus and spent nowt. Mallorca deserves to be in the mess it is in as it is mostly self inflicted