SO who aren’t you going to invite for Christmas lunch this year? A gentle reminder...whoever you leave out will take you off the Christmas card list next year! So, it is a dangerous time which could lead to more family rows than a post Christmas lunch game of Trivial Pursuit!

Say you are a family of four...who don’t you invite, the inlaws or your parents! I don’t think the Spanish government considered the possible family repercussions when they limited Christmas lunch to six people in their efforts to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

To be honest I think the legislation which they have drawn up is simply crackers. It will knock the stuffing out of a family Christmas. Perhaps the government should appeal to the Spanish people and ask them to be sensible, wear their masks, keep some form of social distancing but not limit numbers for the festive lunch or dinner.

The same can be said for the easing of the UK travel sounds so complicated and with Spain demanding a PCR test, the small number of festive travellers will probably stuff the Balearics and go to Turkey! And then you’ve got both the Spanish government and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying that they hoped that everyone would have a cracking Christmas! It sounds like a Santa too far to me.

Urge everyone to be sensible, tell them of the risks of what could happen, enforcing social distancing and masks but let people enjoy their Christmas without too many rules and regulations.


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Nigel Stack / Hace 11 months

Go on then. Let this newspaper lead the way with backing sensibility over Christmas.