THERE appears to be some confusion, and a possible argument brewing, over whether domestic travellers will need to have PCR tests when moving around the country this Christmas.

Last week, the Central Government Delegate to the Balearics, Aina Calvo, told the Bulletin, that any such move is highly unlikely, simply because it would be both impractical and extremely difficult to enforce due to a severe lack of resources. PCR stations would be required at every airport and port in Spain and quite possibly railway stations and then there is the question of how are people test and traced if travelling by road?

That said, the Canary Islands, which has been one step ahead in the battle against Covid, has announced that residents of the islands returning from elsewhere in Spain for Christmas will need a PCR test but the regional government will cover the costs. Now, the Balearics has jumped on the bandwagon and is reportedly in advanced talks with Madrid regarding introducing testing for domestic visitors over the festive period and possibly until the vaccine has been rolled out. The main aim is to increase safety and protect the Balearics from a potential spike fueled by visitors from the mainland where much of the country continues to be in lockdown.

But, such a move would financially penalise Balearic residents and substantially increase the cost of coming to the islands for Christmas.


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Steve / Hace 11 months

Fine, don't test people from virus ridden Madrid. Your call, but I can tell you now, neither me, my family or any of my friends will be going to Mallorca any time soon until you start testing people from the mainland where the levels are some of the worst in Europe!


Dean / Hace 11 months

Its oh so simple, if Mallorca wants tourists next year it has to require PCR tests from everyone who enters the Island foreign & national. Spanish nationals have been 99% culpable for all Covid cases in Mallorca not foreigners. Time to wake up.