Dear Sir,

There is absolutely no logic whatsoever in the Spanish test requirements for international travel. PCR-tests are required for entry but if you fail to have one the airport authorities use the much more cost efficient Anti Gen-test.

Obviously there is a penalty for arriving without a current PCR-test but…. why is an Anti Gen-test viewed as being sufficiently safe for entry if you arrive without a valid PCR-test?

An Anti Gen-test taken prior to arrival with the same 72-hour deadline would provide a much more cost efficient alternative for travelers and at the same complying with the logic applied by the Spanish Government.

The current PCR requirement is highly illogical and outright stupid; it is putting yet another burden to the already struggling tourist economy in Spain and specifically for us Mallorca.

Olle Bjoerk

Es Camp de Mar

Dear Sir,

My wife and I can’t wait to be able to return to our apartment in Puerto Pollensa but the cost of PCR tests, the uncertainty around travel insurance and the need to pay for another test after returning to the UK if we want to avoid a 14 day quarantine makes the trip impossible. The news about vaccines is very encouraging however so we hope that proof of vaccination will eventually lead to the PCR requirements being dropped.

Geoffrey Kemble

Dear Sir,

I understand that people travelling to the Canaries only need a PCR test if staying in regulated accommodation or holiday apartments not privately owned homes. Why can’t the same rules apply to the Balearics? Please correct me if I have got my facts wrong, Why can’t we have NHS tests there are plenty of testing centres throughout England many empty a lot of the time. As taxpayer I believe we should have access to these facilities.


Dear Sir,

The cost of PCR is hard, but the 72-hour rule from when the test is taken makes is sometimes impossible. Flying and landing on a Monday evening - you have to find PCR test provider in service on evenings and weekends. Christmas/New Year holidays makes it even worse. It should be possible to test on arrival, faster/cheaper Anti-Gen test should provide enough safety. 100% safety is not to be found anywhere in life.


Dear Sir,

This policy is both illogical and deeply unwelcoming for international tourists, planning to come to Mallorca. Be warned politicians - put people off coming now and they will go somewhere else this summer.

Personally we had three older children who were planning to come for Xmas. It would cost an EXTRA £600 plus now. And that’s if they could actually - logistically - guarantee getting the tests back in time.

It’s not going to happen. Madness.


Dear Sir,

With regard to the need for a PCR test before arrival to the Balearics I feel that this is going to deter a great many visitors to the islands.

We recently visited Madeira where you require a test but if you arrive without one you are tested at the airport free of charge.

Yes we were delayed for around an hour. Yes we had to stay in our hotel but we took the test at 3pm and received our results later in the evening so were free to enjoy our holiday.

Why can't the Spanish government take a lesson from its neighbour if it wants to welcome back foreign visitors and give hospitality a boost.


Les Webber


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Rich / Hace 11 months

Good old Mark, always ready with a condescending comment. I'm sure he's on a wind-up.


JohnG / Hace 11 months

Phil. You are bang on the money with your statement. Mark Badoer.... You are a legend in your own mind within an island destined to be deserted ......


Mark Badoer / Hace 11 months

Funny, people have been holidaying in Greece all summer long, where a PCR has been obligatory all the time. But now it is Mallorca, it is an issue for all the cheapo's looking for a cheap deal. Stay in cold and rainy England if you can't be bothered with this.


John / Hace 11 months

Surely it makes sense to have test when you land it would be the best thing for a tourist economy. The cost of an antgen test pales into insignificance compare to the money coming in and being spent by said tourists??????


Phil / Hace 11 months

The Mallorcan Gov't (actually Spanish) as Armengol is just a puppet couldn't destroy tourism more if it tried. My polling of family and friends tell me that no one is coming to Mallorca anytime soon, not even summer next year. Adios Mallorca, you shot yourself in the foot.


Lisa / Hace 11 months

As a little update - the UK Foreign Office are advising that all testing will be limited over the Xmas period. The current test price is £112 to £120. That’s if you can actually get it.

I think the UK’s hit and miss lack of information is appalling.

I also think Spain’s hit the international traveller/tourist and you’re not welcome attitude is appalling. Come tourist season they will regret it.

The centralised European recommendation of the fast testing airport scheme is the only current sensible way forward.


Rob / Hace 11 months

Most reactions only look at what Spain is doing. But what's the UK doing? If I want to go to the UK I have to stay in quarantaine for 14 days and from mid december 5 days and then do a PCR test and have to wait for the result before I'm allowed to do anything. At least here in Spain you know if you're welcome to move around before you leave your home location.