MAYBE it is because I’ve spent the vast majority of life in warmer climes, I have been feeling the cold over the past few days. But, bravo to my Mallorcan colleagues, they’re still packing out the terraces at lunchtime in Palma and the odd T-shirt is still visible. And, everybody, within reason, appears to be making the very best of life, despite a major easing of Covid restrictions being introduced over Christmas and New Year looking highly unlikely.

At best, we will get a few hours knocked off the curfew, we’ll all have to be home by 01:00. But nobody appears to be throwing their toys out of their prams. On the whole, as I have said before, the vast majority of the Balearic and Spanish population, while obviously a little frustrated and fed up, understand what the end game is, unlike the UK where they’ve been given five days’ grace which prompted the medical experts to get up yesterday morning and warn the general public that the government’s latest pander to the public will lead to spikes in January and potentially negative consequences.

Considering that Christmas is a religious festival yet fewer and fewer people, Covid or not, regularly attend church, I find it ironic that the nation has got all upset about not being able to go on a five-day bender. Yes, people will miss family members this year, but surely this year it’s better to be safe than sorry?


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