I have enjoyed the first three series of the Netflix hit, 'The Crown'. Infact, some episodes of the third series have become “comfort TV.”

But I was hugely disappointed with the fourth series. Apart from being rather poor viewing it has also caused some controversy in Britain, especially over the Falklands war victory parade. As we know Queen Elizabeth didn't attend because she was in Australia on an official visit. She did not watch the parade on television at Buckingham Palace, as is portrayed in the series. But, it is rumored that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher chose the date of the parade because she knew that Her Majesty would be out of the country (but that is a another story!).

Obviously, there was always going to be plenty of interest in this series because it deals with the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. As the producers have said it is a work of fiction.

My biggest grievance is the way in which Margaret Thatcher is portrayed. Like her or not she was one of the most effective British Prime Ministers of recent history but in 'The Crown' she is portrayed as a Cruella de Vil sort of character who is completely out of touch. For some this might have an element of truth but remember she did win three general elections. The fact that the British government has been forced to come out and say to Netflix that they should include a rider which states it is a work of fiction, rather sums it all up. It is after all fiction and rather poor fiction.


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