SOCIAL media has become a good giveaway at times when it comes to gauging people’s reactions to news and, whatever one may think of Boris Johnson and how his government has handled or mishandled the pandemic, he and his advisors seem to be between a rock and hard place.

The lockdown - which ended today - appears to have been a success with new cases reportedly down by around 30 percent, but still many are complaining and objecting to further restrictions. Why?

On the one hand, people don’t want to pay for PCR tests. This I can understand to a certain extent because they are far from cheap, but if this is a travel requirement, sadly the choice is stark.

Now, with vaccines being approved and European governments, including London, talking about an opportunity to make travelling easier by introducing vaccine passports with the full backing of the travel industry, a section of the population in the UK does not want a vaccine passport either.

One thing is clear, it is going to be a long time coming before we’re going to be allowed to enjoy restriction-free travel and all this is being done for the good of our health and safety.

And, sadly the root cause for prolonged controls is that people in certain countries are not respecting the rules or the well-being of others. So, what do you want?


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