I think the Palma city council need to re-think the Three King's parade through the streets of Palma on January 5. The parade is going ahead but spectators are barred. I suspect that the police will have to mount one of the biggest security operations ever seen to ensure that the good people of Mallorca stay away from this popular event which usually attracts many thousands.

The city council says that it will be broadcast live on IB3 television so people will be able to see it but not in person. As you can imagine every private home with a balcony will be in hot demand. While the police can stop people lining the route they can't stop spectators from seeing the parade from a window or balcony or a private home or office building. I just think that the council has made the parade far too complicated.

Surely, it would have been better to cancel the whole event completely because the policing bill will be enormous and it will just frustrate parents and children. The council could have introduced a lottery system in which a few (say one thousand) lucky children or deserving causes could see the parade?

There must be a better solution than the one which is being proposed by the city council. Surely? And it is not only the Three Kings Parade. The whole festive entertainment plan lacks any sort of imagination and really will not please anyone. I know times are difficult as a result of Covid-19 but the Palma city council could have done much better.


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