I know that these are difficult times and it is a changing situation but I do wish that the local authorities would take a decision and stick to it.

It had been widely muted that it would be a maximum of six people on Christmas Day for lunch because of the Covid restrictions. The rumour mill had been working fast. Then it was increased to 10 people but the local government decided to limit it to six on Boxing Day! What a nightmare if you are trying to organise a family Christmas!

I presume that is now the end of the story and I hope that the local government doesn’t backtrack or forward track again!

The same thing happened with the curfew. It was introduced nationwide with the go-home time set at 11p.m. In the Balearics, it lasted for a single night. Following complaints from the restaurant and bar trade the government performed a U-Turn and it was set at midnight and it remains at this time.

Initially the Balearic government was going to ask all clients of bars and restaurants to provide their personal details to staff. This resulted in an outcry and yet another U-turn was performed. We are living in complicated times and the local authorities do have a tough job trying to keep the general public onside but at the same time we need clarity. This is not being provided at the moment. It means that rather senseless legislation is being introduced like the Three Kings parade without any crowds. Now, is the time for firm decision not ones which could be described as knee-jerk reactions.


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Mark Badoer / Hace 12 months

Do you really give a monkey´s what they say? This is my home and I do as I see fit. We seem to have gotten used to the government thinking for us, telling us what to do and not to do and just accept it. We´re going back to how it was in Soviet times or current China. "Don´t worry, we think for you, as we know best. You thinking yourself is dangerous".