Curfew imposed by the Balearic Government

Curfew imposed by the Balearic Government.

14-12-2020CATI CLADERA

Shivering and complaining!

I suppose it was only expected that after a glorious October and November the dead hand of winter should arrive in December. Indeed, the rainfall figures for the island last weekend were very high indeed as Storm Dora did her worst and deposited almost 30 litres of rainwater per square metre in parts of the island. This, plus a cold snap that brought snow and ice to the Tramuntana’s had islanders both shivering and complaining! However, any talk of this change in the weather had those ex-pats from northern Europe exclaiming - “Call this cold?” In fact, the unsettled weather was to become something of a recurring subject in the pages of the Bulletin for most of last week.

A new airport runway?

Tucked away in Sunday/Monday’s edition was a report regarding the plan to expand Palma airport and the campaign that was gathering steam to block its instigation. With air travel partly sidelined during the pandemic, it would seem that this particular project is quietly awaiting the ‘go-ahead’ from the powers-that-be, but - inevitably perhaps, environmentalists are determined to subject the authorities to tough questioning. Indeed, those against the scheme have accused Aena (the airport operators) of lying about its plans for the airport. As life and air travel return to normal post Covid-19 - expect this plan for a north runway to become more-and-more controversial.

Second home - security alert

The front page headline in Wednesday’s MDB concerned the fact that foreign second-home owners were installing “tighter property security measures” as presumably many of them get to these homes as often as normal. Insurance companies and those who make it their business to either protect empty properties from thieves, or perhaps squatters, have reported a surge in orders for all manner of property protection. Interestingly, not all these measures are being sought by property owners in rural areas of the island - but, by those owning properties in urban locations. Indeed, some second-homes are being physically protect from thieves and so-called squatters by home owners arranging for trusted acquaintances to stay in part of their homes for the duration.

Graffiti grief

It seems that the Partido Popular political grouping on Palma council are intent on embarrassing the present PSOE administration by demanding to know what they are doing about “Out of control graffiti”n in the city. Apparently, they want to know what the present administration are actually doing to curb this anti-social activity - given the fact that Mayor Jose HIla subscribed to an ‘Action Plan’ that promised to deliver on this subject some 10 months ago. As a keen student of Bulletin readers comments both online and in the paper - the scourge of graffiti and the anger it causes, scores very highly indeed when it comes to what ordinary people want to see something done about - and soon! This subject and the anger it engenders, should not be underrated by politicians of any stripe.

Brexit - the countdown begins

The Bulletin led Friday’s edition with a stark reminder of what a No-Deal Brexit will or not mean for British expatriates here on the island. In a comprehensive examination of what a no deal scenario might mean to ex-pat islanders the paper outlined a number possible outcomes. A difficult task at the best of times, but - “Britons could face EU travel ban on the 1st January under COVID rules.” However, individual member states within the EU can override any recommendation from the European Union. Nevertheless, with the current state of fluidity with a No Deal EU deal aligned to Covid-19 restrictions, it would take a genius to work out what exactly it will mean for an individual person(s) or family. At the moment, and as with most things in life at the moment it seems - we seem to be staring at the supposed ‘extremes’ in terms of Brexit and what it means for British citizens living in Spain. And it doesn’t help that even the appropriate authorities don’t seem to know the answer to that one at the moment.


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