The Balearic government has been extremely quick to announce how it intends to splash the cash it hopes to receive from the European Union, via Madrid, this year as part of its Covid revival plan. Most of them, to be honest, will unlikely get the green light. The whole idea of the EU package is socioeconomic reform, not new trams and trains or expanding the airport - the people who have lost their jobs, businesses and homes will benefit very little from any of that.

However, and it has been on the table for some years now, how about a formula one race? It was not long ago a major private project was put forward and Bernie Ecclestone even popped over to have a look for himself. Catalonia has announced it intends to go ahead with its race this year but there are major gaps in the season - this could be Mallorca’s chance to join the race. The island has the location, it could either be expanding the existing race track near Lluchmajor or, as already sited, building one opposite.

The island has world class hotels and restaurants, moorings for the super yacht owners and corporate tycoons who follow the racing, the island is easy to get to not only for formula one fans but the teams and all the baggage that goes with them as well. Plus, as Catalonia has hit on, it is great for tourism. Millions of people all around the world follow formula one and having Sir Lewis on the island racing would do wonders for the UK market. Much more than a tram!