THE cocktail of the Covid pandemic and Brexit is proving to be a nightmare for second home owners in Mallorca who are not residents, or in other words have never registered as residents in Mallorca and obtained their green certificate/card.

While travelling out of the UK is highly restricted to essential travel only for the time being anyway, apart from holiday home owners wishing to come and enjoy their property or yacht on the island, those who are planning to or are in the process of selling a property are unable to fly over and complete the transaction because of the new rules and regulations.

I have been in contact with one British holiday home owner in particular who has been trying to get over to Mallorca since just before Christmas to complete the sale of his property - but is still stuck in the UK.

He admits to having never taken out residency because he never spent long enough on the island every year, but now finds himself with German buyers, who are flying back and forth to the island on a regular basis for short weekends etc., but unable to travel to complete the sale of his property.

And, no doubt there are many more Britons in a similar situation. That said, many of the current restrictions are Covid related, so eventually some easing will be introduced, but the big question is when will Britons be free to travel to Mallorca?