The worst way of treating a megalomaniac like Donald Trump is to pay him attention.
As Trump enters the last days of his presidency isolated and shunned by former allies and members of his own party as he faces a second impeachment and growing calls for his resignation after his supporters launched an assault on the nation’s Capitol in an effort to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power I think it would be best to just ignore his ranting and let him go.

TV channels and social media that have been the lifeblood of his presidency, but they have now decided to give him little air time or shut his accounts down. Trump will nonetheless try to go on the offensive in his last eight days, with no plans of resigning, but just let him get on with it and make an ever bigger fool of himself, if that is possible.

Does the incoming legislature want to be bogged down in legal procedures against Trump when it has much more pressing issues and problems to deal with and correct, such as Covid, the crashing economy and a deeply divided country?

Even people close to Trump have said they would certainly prefer he does not become the only president in the nation’s history to be impeached a second time as they bail out and head for the hills. Keeping Trump in the limelight is only going to encourage him to continue fighting.