In this space yesterday I mentioned that the Balearic government was starting to come under pressure over the new restrictions which have been introduced. Now, it appears that it has led to splits within the coalition government. Junior members Mes and Podemos are said to be opposed to some of the measures which have been introduced which include sending all the island’s bars and restaurants into lockdown. The government crisis is said to be so severe that Armengol’s coalition partners have called for an urgent meeting.

This comes after the demonstration through the streets of Palma on Tuesday calling for some of the restrictions to be scrapped. It could all be just a storm in a tea-cup but there is starting to be some unrest. The figures rather support the restrictive measures which have been introduced by the government; 116 people with Covid in intensive care in local hospitals and more than 10,000 cases. The roll out of the vaccine appears to have stalled as well and there is growing concern about the state of the local economy.

There is little doubt that Armengol will survive the political storm; one of the chief reasons is there does not appear to any sort of political opposition but the government will ponder the next steps in the battle against the coronavirus very carefully. I suspect that the ban on bars and restaurants will be lifted sooner rather than later because of the outcry but Armengol and her government will still have some difficult decisions to make.