A few weeks ago, the President of the Mallorcan Hotel Federation, Maria Frontera, told me that the majority of hoteliers were preparing for the summer season starting in June and a scan through the on line booking banks yesterday confirmed just that - although a few do intend to open on May 1. So, yes. Easter is a write off.

However, hoteliers are claiming that the slow roll out of the vaccine and a lack of clarity from the local government with regards to a road map for the sector, are only serving to confuse them and hamper making any concrete plans. That said, the Balearic tourist industry is going to be very much dictated to by market forces and the latest information coming out of the UK points towards a very late season. The one good thing is that most of those planning an overseas holiday are opting for familiar destinations closer to home, so that should favour the Balearics. But, booking trends at the moment indicate that 40% are for departures between September and December 2021 and only 17% are for departures before the end of May and 16% for June to August - which does not bode well for the summer season in the Balearics.

And, what is clearly evident is that people are watching case numbers in the Balearics and until the curve is brought well down and the vaccination programme is rolling fast - selling the islands as a safe destination is going to be a big ask.