I am not surprised that the macro left-wing coalition is starting to splinter. After all, many of the political components of the Balearic government wormed their way into power on a ticket of pledging to help the ‘little people’, the self employed and small businesses.
Trouble is, it does not appear that it has happened, neither prior to the Covid pandemic nor during it.

Thousands took to the streets ‘illegally’ on Tuesday to protest against the new lockdown in the hostelry sector and, while calling for President Armengol to do the honourable thing and step aside, demonstrators warned that this is just of the start of what could spiral into civil unrest.

Frustration is mounting, not only in the cash strapped business community but also amongst the general public - I wonder what George Orwell would make of all this should he still be around today? Yes, I understand these measures are supposed to be for own good, ease the pressure of the health service and get the Mallorcan economy back on its feet and throw the doors open to tourists again.

But it doesn’t seem to be working and yesterday, those bars and restaurants who enjoyed a few months of brisk terrace trade were busy dismantling their terraces in fear of being fined. Some people may want their parking spaces back but it is not as if Palma is a hive of activity right now and sooner or later the terraces will go back up again. I fear the local government is chasing dragons.