It has been a week when frustrations over the lockdown measures finally boiled over and delays over the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine caused despair. You do get the impression that the people of the Balearics believe that we are stuck in the middle of an awful situation and we do not appear to be advancing. Case numbers continue to rise, the vaccine appears to be in the distant distance and shops, bars and the big stores have been ordered to shutdown. It is a stalemate situation. I think what we would all like to see is decisive action.

One of the most sensible options I have heard is to order a complete lockdown and roll the vaccine out in force with the vaccinations taking place 24/7. The Balearic government have resisted a complete lockdown but ordered the closure of bars and restaurants which led to the demonstrations through the streets of Palma earlier this week. People are not happy with the government. No-one really understands the latest restrictions eventhough the figures largely speak for themselves; 10,000 people are being treated for Covid-19 at the moment across the islands.

But why bars, restaurants and the large shopping centres have been ordered to close is a mystery for many. To be honest if you can have people queueing for take-outs, you might as well let them sit on the terrace as long as social distancing is maintained. It seems pretty senceless. I suppose the Balearic government must have their reasons and there is no way that they would embark on such a restrictive measure if they thought that it wasn´t necessary. But for some people enough is enough and it is quite understandable.


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Rich / Hace 12 months

Dear Jason. I presume you still receive a salary lockdown or not? If you do then you have no right to discuss this measure. A lockdown now would not enable me to buy food and yes I would rob from supermarkets in order to eat.


Lynn Ting / Hace 12 months

I don't understand the reasoning behind the rules either, people are still using buses, close contact and touching surfaces but you are not allowed to see family members, who of course would be very careful to protect one another, also people in the street still wearing masks under their chin or in some cases not at all, none of it seems to make sense. I feel terribly sorry for the hospitality sector as they are really being hard hit, why didn't they make it that they can open but with social distancing in place, wearing of masks at all times except when actually eating and drinking and hand gel on all tables, that way there would be protection and restaurants could perhaps survive this awful crisis. Restrictions are taking a terrible toll on people's mental health.


liz / Hace 12 months

I don’t think standing in a socially distanced queue has the same risk as sitting at a table. Chris Whitty one of the UK’s scientific people said that we must remember that the virus can remain on surfaces for some time. I don’t think your comments are particularly helpful either. If Mallorca is to welcome back tourists this year the media should be doing everything in its power to encourage people to do the right thing to stop the spread.


Jonas / Hace about 1 year

Thanks to the eu dithering they don’t have anything like the number of doses Europe wide apart from the Germans who ordered supplies some months back for their selves. So much for eu unity.