The shop that is closing down in Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

It is a photograph which rather says it is all. Closing down because of desperation. It is a shop near our offices in central Palma and like all retail outlets it is struggling. Much has been said about the bars and restaurants but shops are in the same boat and really the government needs to take this into account when they decide on new measures to fight Covid.

The shop that is closing down in Palma

A walk down any high street in Palma, tells the same story. Large numbers of small shops closing down or displaying signs stating that they will be back when times improve. Obviously, it is not just the restrictions. The local economy has been knocked for six by the coronavirus and the business community is suffering. Thousands of jobs are at risk.

The government has promised an additional aid package for small businesses and the additional cash can´t come too soon. The local government must act sooner rather than later, the High Street is suffering badly.