It is now looking increasingly likely that you will have to take the Covid-19 vaccine if you want to travel anywhere especially long haul. Ryanair has said, (and this was a few weeks ago) that you would not need the vaccine to travel with them on flights around Europe.

But now there is much talk about the new health passports. It does make sense really but all those who are thinking twice about having the vaccine could find themselves stranded at home.

Spain is pushing for the introduction of the “health passport” so that it can kick start the all important travel industry. The tourist industry is reeling at the moment and hopes that tourists would start arriving in the short term have been dashed by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez who said that his government didn´t anticipate a return to full normality until at least September. This statement has been slammed by the Mallorcan tourist industry but surely the Prime Minister must be well placed to know the full story? What is important is that the tourist industry and governments start planning for a return of the holiday industry.

If a health passport is required then planning should start at once. I noticed that German officials were saying that by taking the vaccine you might be allowed to return to restaurants and bars sooner. There is obviously much rumour and speculation around at the moment but one thing which is vitally important, the travel industry must get moving again.


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Rich / Hace 8 months

For those of you who down voted my comment it is meant to serve as a warning against tyrannical government. Which is basically what we have now. Let's see how many of our pre-epidemic rights are returned to us, I predict not all. Socialism is about suppression and the wasting of money on useless policies whilst living in luxury themselves.


Rich / Hace 8 months

How about a tattoo on your wrist? This was used successfully in the past to identify a person and their rights.