ALL is not well within the European Union and the pandemic, confusion over travel, the vaccine roll out and new provisos being attached to the release of EU Covid aid funds, such as a shake up of pensions in Spain, are fueling an anti-EU movement.
The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has been pressing for a review of how the EU operates for sometime, he believes Brussels need to be modernised and made more proactive and effective.

The Dutch, for example, have been monitoring Brexit ever since the referendum was called - it would appear the Dutch are not that impressed with the EU’s track record. And now, there are growing movements in France, Italy and Spain where anti-EU groups are teaming up to launch a joint manifesto against their countries’ membership to the European Union.

The ‘Euroexit’ platform, as it is called, has already begun pressuring Macron into calling a referendum in France and should that happen, other countries will follow suit.
And this is against the backdrop of the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen being asked whether she would be willing to step down from her role over huge delays to the roll out of Covid vaccination programmes.
We all know daily life will probably never be the same post Covid, the EU may also be looking at a very different future.