A second referendum on Scottish independence appears to be on the horizon and I sincerely hope that on this occasion expat Scots on the island will be able to vote. It should be a vote for all Scots not just those living in Scotland. I know of many Scottish people on the island (in both camps) who were furious that they couldn’t have their say in the last referendum. Also, it could be said that this is all about Europe and denying those Scots living in Europe their say would be outrageous. These referendums should be open to all. An independent Scotland would have a direct impacts on Scots living abroad so give them the vote. I was angry that I didn’t get the vote in the Brexit referendum. Once again it was a vote on Europe and those living on the European mainland didn’t have a say.

Outrageous. I am told that politicians are not too keen on giving expats the vote because of a misguided view. As you live in a European Union state there is a bigger chance than you would vote to stay is the theory in the Brexit referendum. It is also claimed that most Scots outside Scotland would vote to stay in the Union. This is far from the case. I would say that voting intentions are split between the two camps. It would be rather nice if expats were not forgotten by successive British governments, especially when it comes to voting. Our voice should be heard especially in all important referendums. We can’t be just quietly forgotten because we live abroad.