FOR the best part of the past year, apart from the first lockdown, we’ve had to endure a drip drip of restrictions which have been continually introduced “for two weeks.” Well, to date, the two week goal posts have always been moved and have again this week with regards to the closure of bars, restaurants, gyms and large shopping centres.

Although, regarding the latter, there does appear to have been a little bit of back tracking by allowing supermarkets to sell winter clothes and a number of other “non essential” items in an attempt to try and keep some of the high street economy ticking over.
Can’t say I’ve seen much sign of it working however.

Frustration is running high throughout society in general from business owners to members of the general public - we might be allowed out but there are certain generations who are limited to how far and how much exercise they can do - are they just supposed to stay at home and wait for the vaccine? It’s time for the local government to come clean on every level from what’s going on with the vaccines to when are restrictions going to be gradually reduced, explain the criteria - give us some clarity and an idea of the road map. No one believes the two week charade any more - why can’t the government be honest and simply state ‘until further notice’ at least we’ll know where we stand?