The Balearic government should take comments from Gabriel Escarrer, Chief Executive of the Melia Hotel Group, and Margaret Whittaker OBE of Son Amar very seriously. Both have warned about the present economic situation and have called for government action. The Balearics, if it is to economically survive, needs a roadmap for the future which will ensure that tourists will be able to enjoy a safe holiday on the island in the not too distant future.

I know that the government is being forced to take some difficult decisions but local businesses, which are key contributors to the local economy, are suffering dramatically. The time has come for action; public and private sectors must come together and start planning for the future so that the economy can get moving again.

As Maria Frontera, President of the Mallorcan Hoteliers Federation said; we must be ready for when tourists can come back to the island.


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GrahamJ / Hace 12 months

Armengol is walking the wrong side of a fine line here. It is now February and The Season is technically just 3 months away. All indications point towards a huge financial disaster for The Balearics and without an escape rope... The Balearics is a minnow compared to the whole extent and influence of the EU. People in the UK are booking Staycations like hot cakes at half the price and at this rate, the Costas could be relegated to a position initially to where it was at before cheap package holidays were offered. It will be a long uphill road before the summit is negotiated bearing in mind the money and unemployment condition of the average ordinary Tourist. The more affluent members of society will not be affected and will enjoy a relatively quiet and tourist starved area of The Mediterranean. Armengol, please note........


Juan E / Hace 12 months

Things are getting pretty critical for Mallorca, with the 2021 ever more likely to be a failure or at least part failure too. This is unsustainable in every layer of society. I.e. look at the airports, they are ghost places with the occasional passenger walking through. Walk through Palma, and see dozens and dozens "se trespaso", "se vende" or "se alquila" signs. Deserted beaches, boulavards. The East Coast is like something from a bad, scary movie. The only thing missing the rolling tumbleweed. And what does Armengol do? Nothing. Just being concerned. Luckily she doesn´t get her way, as her span of control doesn´t allow it. Otherwise we would all be sitting at home, watching Netflix (for the people that can still afford it) and waiting for the possibility of getting our vaccine sometime this summer. She should really step down now and let the reconstruction of Mallorca be dealt with by people who understand micro and macro economics. This is beyond politics. We need people with brains, not some upwards climbing politician, whose only goal it is to get higher up on the political ladder. The woman has no clue.


James / Hace 12 months

Jason, with what money ? Spain is virtually bankrupt, its survival depending on the 140 billion “loan” being approved, which in my opinion is doubtful. The Balearics are in a similar position. They can’t tax without there being an income. At least the sun is free.