The Balearic government should take comments from Gabriel Escarrer, Chief Executive of the Melia Hotel Group, and Margaret Whittaker OBE of Son Amar very seriously. Both have warned about the present economic situation and have called for government action. The Balearics, if it is to economically survive, needs a roadmap for the future which will ensure that tourists will be able to enjoy a safe holiday on the island in the not too distant future.

I know that the government is being forced to take some difficult decisions but local businesses, which are key contributors to the local economy, are suffering dramatically. The time has come for action; public and private sectors must come together and start planning for the future so that the economy can get moving again. As Maria Frontera, President of the Mallorcan Hoteliers Federation said; we must be ready for when tourists can come back to the island.

The Balearic government have made it very clear; they will not put economic interests above the wellbeing of the local population. And they are right. But, we must start planning for the future; incentives to attract holiday bookers need to be introduced. As the local hoteliers gace suggested it would be a good idea if the tourist tax is scrapped for this season. We can sit back and do nothing but really this is economic suicide. I don´t understand why the local authorities have shelved their promotion campaigns. Now, is the time to remind tourists that Mallorca is a fantastic place and once it is safe, it will be an ideal place to enjoy a holiday. Action this day before it is too late.


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JR / Hace 12 months

Jason. Mallorca has had 18 months to rethink its tourism strategy and to fix all the things that are unacceptable in a very competitive market. Sewage on beaches is an absolutely unacceptable feature. Long queues at immigration will kill off the uk traveller. Rip off prices for surly service and average food. Yobs flying in to Magaluf. Anti tourism lobby. Get some of this fixed and maybe some tourists will return. However, the competition have upped their game. Florida is now cheaper. Greece and Turkey are friendlier.