THE Costa del Sol has just launched a new app, partly funded by the regional government, which offers would be tourists stranded by Covid travel restrictions the opportunity to enjoy the attractions and highlights of the destination from the comfort of their own home.

The Costa del Sol is not the first Spanish holiday destination to have launched the app, others have too as have overseas commuting destinations in an attempt to keep the images of their holiday destinations live in the minds of potential visitors once travel restrictions are eventually eased.

Apps are being launched which not only show off the obvious, such a glorious beaches, crystal blue sea etc. but gastronomy, sporting activities, 3D tours of key cities and towns as well as digital guided tours of museums and key monuments.
With consumer habits having become digitalised more than ever by the pandemic, the tourist industry and holiday destinations have got to keep up and Majorca, or at least Palma, would do well to launch a similar app.

We’ve got the know how with the clusters on the Parc Bit technology park and the island would make an amazing digital attraction.
It would not serve to generate interest in Majorca but also remind millions of people what they are missing but will eventually be able to revisit.