OUR online survey says that the majority of Britons (who took part in the poll) want to come on holiday to Mallorca this year despite the warnings. But it is the mixed messages which are making life a nightmare for would-be holiday bookers. Firstly, there is the President of the Balearic government, Francina Armengol, who expects the season to start in June meanwhile the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says that the season will not get into full swing until September. Then there is the British government who said last week not to book a summer holiday just yet and who this week are saying that we can look forward to a great British summer.

So really holiday bookers are very much in the dark. Granted that it is a changing situation and it does appear that we will have a summer season this year but when? The Chief Executive of the Melia Hotel Group, Gabriel Escarrer, has said that Spain can´t survive another year without a holiday season and ofcourse he is right. However, I do wish that all politicians could sing from the same hymn sheet. The tourist industry is already badly battered and all this uncertainty is just making the problem worse.

As I have said before in this space I would urge politicians to keep quiet until the situation becomes clearer. The vaccine will make things easier but at the moment it is basically a question of wait-and-see. Things are going to be get beter but when is anyone´s guess at the moment.