LOCAL politicians and senior officials will not have to explain the merits of the Covid-19 vaccine because by the look of things they can’t get it fast enough! Anyone who thought that there would be a battle to get people to take the vaccine in the Balearics were seriously mistaken!! But joking apart it is pretty outrageous that local politicians have been accused of “vaccine queue-jumping” especially as the vaccine is in short-supply with thousands of people in the “at risk group” still waiting for their jab.

Should politicians and senior officials do the “honourable” thing and say “you first, sir/madam” or should they have the jab because they are in a position of trust and are therefore vital for the smooth running of the islands? To be honest, I would say that they should wait their turn. What you can’t have is politicians appearing to be getting preferential treatment.

The “Hat bar affair” in which the President of the Balearic government, Francina Armengol, allegedly was drinking after hours and breaking her own governments Covid protocols, has done local politicians few favours. Infact, if Majorcans were sceptical before, they are even more so now. When things return to normal I think an independent inquiry is needed. It does appear that politicians have jumped the queue. These are serious allegations and can’t be dismissed. We are all being asked to make sacrifices and politicians should lead by example.


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Harry / Hace 12 months

So should religious leaders. They are all laughing in our faces. And more cases will arise. It should be a “let them eat cake” moment, but unfortunately it won’t be.