THIS week a Royal Navy nuclear powered submarine docked in Gibraltar. Immediately, environmentalists on the Spanish side of the border claimed that it was a “floating bomb” and it had come to Gibraltar to be repaired. Many years ago a Royal Navy submarine did come to Gibraltar to be repaired and quite rightly environmental concerns were expressed. But this was not the case with this submarine which sailed two days later. An Italian aircraft carrier had been scheduled to visit Gibraltar this week as well, but the visit was canceled as a result of pressure from the Spanish authorities. The Italian vessel will now go to a Spanish port. The authorities in Gibraltar have logged and registered scores of Spanish vessels which have entered Gibraltarian waters illegally.

I think you can safely say that it was not a case of faulty navigation! While Spain is one of Britain’s principal allies and we are made exceptionally welcome here, I think it should reconsider its attitude towards Gibraltar. It is not really the way to behave, especially as thousands of Spaniards, work on the “Rock.” Britain, I don’t think, will ever surrender sovereignty of Gibraltar until a majority of Gibraltarians ask to become part of Spain.

I don’t think it could be said that Spain is winning the battle for hearts and minds on Gibraltar with what could be described as its “bully boy attitude....” The illegal incursions into Gibraltar waters are usually by Spanish warships, these same vessels serve alongside the Royal Navy in NATO. I think a change of attitude is needed. Spain needs to accept that things will not change as long as it continues with its present tactics. The only thing they are doing is making the pro-British element on the “Rock” even stronger.


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James / Hace 12 months

Sorry to disappoint you but you will never find out as nobody, from the central government down, has a clue when or where. If I were an optimist I would suggest sometime during April, but as I’m not, I would put my money on during the summer. Hope I am wrong.


mike butcher / Hace 12 months

Dear Jason - I am 76 and my wife is 75 and she has an ongoing lung problem so we have been very keen to know exactly when we will receive the covid vaccine but despite trawling the web and visiting our local doctor surgery in Pollensa I have not been able to find out when this will be possible so hope you can either tell us or point us to a website where this information is made available, With the 2021 holiday season fast approaching I should have thought that for everybody's benefit the whole population should be vaccinated by then and also insist that all visitors to the island have vaccination certificates as well . Hope you can help Jason as this is very imoortant to us having been under lockdown restrictions since last March and it would be nice for us old folk to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, kind regards, Mike