THE bar and restaurant trade has taken a battering over recent months. If the Balearic government has their way they will not re-open until the end of the month at the earliest. The successful legal challenge which was launched in the Basque Country against the lockdown measures has given them hope. Whether this is just a “legal flash in the pan” or a “serious legal option” is too early to say, but it has given them hope. I have mixed views. I can´t understand why you can wait in a queue for your take-out but you can´t sit at a table. I also understand that bars and restaurants lead to big gatherings of people.

But surely if guidelines were safely enforced and social distancing maintained why can´t bars and restaurants, at least, re-open their terraces? It is a big question and a big call but I don´t know if many businesses will be able to survive for much longer. The Balearic government has quite rightly said that public health comes first but there is also the question of economic survival. We may win the battle against the coronavirus but find that the majority of businesses have closed. I know these are difficult times and it is a very tough call but the Balearic government sooner or later must announce a compromise deal. Let bars and restaurants, with reduced capacity and social distancing, open their terraces so at least they can have some form of revenue. We can´t keep the motor of the local economy in lockdown forever.


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Rich / Hace 11 months

So it's ok to reopen gyms! Zones that are one of the most contagion prone areas. Heavy stressed breathing (do you honestly think a mask will work in this situation) , multi-touched equipment, profuse sweating etc and all this in an enclosed area! But obviously sitting outside a bar is a far more contagious area.


Palmadave / Hace 11 months

" I also understand that bars and restaurants lead to big gatherings of people. But surely if guidelines were safely enforced "

Another flippant comment Jason. Who do you think should enforces the quidelines and how?


Yogi / Hace 11 months

Mallorca will be a wasteland for small independent businesses. The big players can tough it out. It’ll be to the island’s enormous detriment and to the dismay of visitors if this is allowed to be. I know of many small businesses which have had to keep paying heir autónomo and gestor bills despite being effectively closed. They get support but then get it taken away with these costs. Many are keeping going because something is better than nothing but as soon as the support payments stop they’ll probably close completely and for good. It’s an insane system. It’s like keeping your patient in an induced coma so you can see them off at a later date.