A story which went rather unnoticed because of the Covid crisis was the plans by the British government to give expat Britons the vote in UK elections for life. I sincerely thought that the issue had been quietly forgotten especially as it could prove quite unpopular in Britain. The Conservatives have been talking “expat voting” for many years.

Their critics will say that it is just a plot to increase their share of the vote because there is a perception that most expat Britons will vote Conservative. As we know this is far from the case. I do believe that expat Britons deserve the vote in general elections because they are directly affected by decisions taken by the British parliament.

It was outrageous that expat Britons were snubbed in the Brexit and Scottish independence referendums. So far the people most affected by Brexit have been expat Britons! The British government will be swimming against the tide of public opinion in Britain if expats get the vote. There is a general consensus of opinion that as soon as you leave Dover you soon lose some of your rights.

“Why should British people who are sitting in the sun swigging gin and tonics get the vote in British elections” is what some people living in Britain will say. I think that expats deserve the vote and what is more I think that there should be a junior minister in charge of expats.

The French have a similar system. Just because we live outside the United Kingdom we shouldn’t lose our rights.


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Harry / Hace 11 months

“Selfish lifestyle”. Says it all, doesn’t it ? Most, if not all non “ex-pats” haven’t got a clue about the reality of living abroad, and if they have they are just jealous and haven’t got the gumption to do anything about it. But they still consider the members of the Mayflower and Captain Cook to be people to look up to and celebrate.


Ex-Ex-Pat / Hace 11 months

The whole taxation and right -to-vote issues need re-jigging. In my opinion you should only be able to vote in the country you pay your income tax. I lived in Spain for many years and paid my taxes there but could only vote in Local Elections, not National ones. Surely the paying of taxes gives one some rights as well as obligations.


Kenione / Hace 11 months

I presume that you pay Taxes in the UK Jason, so you must be able to vote. If you don't contribute here you should concern yourself with what happens in Country of Residence. Many people around the World are affected by what the UK does, but you cannot expect them to have a vote. Live in the UK, pay Taxes in the UK vote in the UK.


palmabound / Hace 11 months

I cannot believe that you honestly feel that so called ex pats should have the right to the destiny of the UK residents who PAY local taxes and deal with all that happens on a day to day basis within their country. The use of the euphemism ex pat really means immigrant or migrant so that means that you have migrated away from your original homeland in favour of another so how dare you think that you can decide the destiny of those who do abide in their home country. Any vote that a so call "ex pat" uses would be only in bias to how a manifesto affected their life of as you say beer swigging, sun worshipping lifestyle not that of how does this affect my country whether or not it is detrimental to my life abroad. Having lived abroad for many years I would never take the opinion that I should have the right to change the destiny of my home country in favour of my selfish lifestyle.


Nigel / Hace 11 months

And you will pay UK tax too? Remember it is no taxation without representation.