Right royal row, | HARPO PRODUCTIONS

Meghan Markle has accused the British royal family of being racist. It is a very serious allegation and I just hope that she can back-up her claim with hard evidence. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should name and shame the person in the royal family who is allegedly responsible for these racist comments; it is their duty to do so.

I don´t think anyone should take these claims lightly. She has accused the royal family of racism and even the government should get involved and if a public inquiry is needed, then we should have one.

What we can´t have is two rather disgruntled members (former) of the royal family going on American TV and ridiculing the royal family. Enough is enough. It is a question of Put Up or Shut Up. They can´t now be allowed to disappear into the wilderness until the next explosive interview comes along. Prove it.