Dear Sir

I can’t predict the stock market, read tea leaves or divine water but I’m absolutely certain that the doom and gloom so many pundits forecast for Mallorca’s short term future as a holiday destination is wrong and isn’t going to happen.

The British, the Germans and the Scandinavians are all champing at the bit to leave their grey sun-less countries and get here for blue skies, sea and sangria. Just being al fresco is top of their wish list.

At the very hint that their respective governments will give the okay to domestic departures, they’ll be booking and packing with alacrity. In fact where the island appears to have written off tourism for the Easter holiday, I predict that these tourists will start arriving in droves in April if allowed.

They don’t care that they may be required to wear a mask or that not all will be as normal, they just want out of their respective countries after months of lockdown, lock-in and cold temperatures.

Mark my words. If you’re in tourism get ready to welcome visitors with open arms. They’re on their way.

Chris Ogilvie-Taylor


Justice’s Administration in Spain

Dear Sir,

Justice in Spain has gone completely insane. The evictions and especially the so-called “unknown occupiers” cases imply absolute helplessness, mainly for the weakest and most abused link in the judicial organization. You can find whatever. They can stab you or a dangerous dog will kill you directly. And that with complete impunity.

And worst of all, then no one believes you. In fact, civil records of evictions of “unknown occupiers” are the main cause of depression and suicides of “justice workers”. On the other hand, this whole irrational system goes very well with the plutocrats and the big owners of apartments and houses; they play with the suffering of the weakest.

In fact, the Administration of Justice in Spain has completely forgotten common sense and social justice. In all European countries, more or less civilized, from October to April, all these cases related to expulsions are stopped.

On the other hand, this task should be a job of the Police, and everything related to evictions and, very specifically, files of so-called “unknown occupiers”, should be used by criminal proceedings and in addition, the Administration of Justice had to provide official translators, in at least, all the languages of the EU.

Yours sincerely.

Josep M. Loste