To be honest I have rather given up on mainstream British television. I had a few favourite programmes such as Good Morning Britain (which has now gone from my watch list following the departure of Piers Morgan) and some of the documentaries on BBC2. But that is it. I find myself watching antiques programmes on the more obscure TV channels and repeats of some of the classics on the lesser watched ITV channels. The big TV channels appear to be on a mission to oust all the characters from British TV.

First, it was Jeremy Clarkson and now Piers Morgan. Don´t get me wrong I didn´t agree with every word they said, but controversy makes for good TV and, after all, television is all about entertainment. Good Morning Britain will be unable to replace Piers Morgan and Top Gear will never enjoy the success it had with Clarkson and Co. You can see why the newer channels such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are enjoying success, they make for better television.

Clarkson and Morgan were outspoken and probably appealed to the same audience but they added something to British television and this is clearly evident by the rating´s success of their programmes. Morgan will be back on another channel in the not too distant future but it won´t be one of the mainstream TV networks it will be one of the newer channels which are now emerging. There are certainly more people like me out there who are switching off or turning over.