A year ago, tens of millions of Spaniards, including politicians, were saluting the medical profession for its dedicated and life-threatening work to fight Covid with a public round of applause every night.

Sadly that faded away many moons ago, with many of the medical profession deeming the sight of applauding politicians an insult to the profession.

Some of the lowest medical profession wages in Europe mean that many flee to the UK, Germany and Scandinavia, where wages are more than double and, more importantly, contracts are long term.

In Spain, the vast majority of public medical professionals are on rolling short-term contracts and are regularly moved from one hospital to another in their region.

Considering the unimaginable level of stress the medical profession has been under for the past year, and still is, I would have thought that regional and central governments would have put resolving their contracts towards the top of the agenda. The implications are numerous.

For example, many are unable to purchase a property or even a car because they do not have fixed ‘fijo’ contract.

I know of people who have been working in the system for the best part of 25 years and have had to use their parents as guarantors when buying a house or a car.

It’s shameful and demeaning.