THE Balearics would do well to get on board the new challenge of becoming an attractive destination for emerging companies through the Strategy for Spain as an Entrepreneurial Nation.

The purpose of the strategy is to promote and boost their formation and development through four milestones: investment, talent, scalability and public sector support for entrepreneurship.

The Balearics can no longer afford to have all its eggs in the tourism market.
Balearic government after government, from all sides of the political spectrum, have bleated on about the need to ease the region’s dependence on tourism, but very little, if anything has been done.

However, the pandemic and the devastating impact it has had on the tourist industry and its supply chain, not to mention jobs and families , has surely promoted people in the corridors of power, never mind the private sector, to start thinking out of the tourism box.
The Balearic tourist industry will never be the same again.

Competition is rife and offering better value for money.

Even domestic tourism struggles because the Balearics is one of the most expensive destinations in Spain. And, it is not the only destination for “high end big spending” visitors to splash the cash.

The Balearics needs to save tourism - fast - and then branch out into other industries.