An expensive cup of coffee. How much would it normally be? A euro, fifty; something like that. But not if there’s a fine on top for having breached the table regulation. People have, by and large, been incredibly patient and observant of the regulations. Full power to the people for their responsibility.

And now, as they get wind of fines being handed out for more than two households being represented at a table for four, they will be additionally cautious and compliant. But at the same time, they can be forgiven if they feel that the “measures” are a touch over the top. It used to be six at a table with no household stipulation. Then it was changed, with nary a word of explanation.

Sound epidemiological reasons there may be, but fatigue with measures truly sets in if the people cease to appreciate these reasons; when there is a sense of improvisation. So it has been with the masks on beaches. With Easter looming, there was an impression - even if it was a false one - that the obligation to wear masks was a measure conjured up in time for those heading to the beaches.

Although this particular measure is to be subject to regional “interpretation”, why was it thought up now and not some time last summer? People are accepting, will be accepting so long as they see the logic. When they don’t, then they are lost, and that is the fault of politicians, not of the people.