It should have been a quiet Easter. No parades and few Easter favourites. The weather was forecast to be poor and there would be few tourists. But in the end summer-like sunshine welcomed a relatively large number of tourists, mostly German, who had been warned not to travel but defied their own government. Bar and restaurant terraces were packed and it almost appeared that life was back to normal. Not the new normal but the old one!

A long list of restrictions had been introduced but it didn’t appear to halt the jolly Easter on Mallorca. If you had walked around Palma on Good Friday you could have thought that the island is out of the woods and the coronavirus had been conquered. The sad truth is that we are not and the number of cases on the island is rising slowly. You could say that a gamble was taken over Easter. The fact that German tourists have come to the island will have come as a welcome relief for the tourist industry but the coronavirus is certainly not under control in their own country. Granted that plenty of safety precautions have been taken, from PCR tests to social distancing in hotels, but I think we are all still amazed at the number of tourists who have come to the island for Easter.

I am afraid to say that it looks like it will be months before Mallorca will be welcoming British tourists. The tourist industry will continue to suffer this year but Easter has been an example of the great desire of Northern Europeans to travel to the island. To be honest I would say that too many risks have been taken over Easter. I hope I am proved wrong but it has been a busy Easter.