IN the run up to Brexit day, the Bulletin featured a series of interviews with senior local and national politicians about what post Brexit life would be like in Spain.

All of them waxed lyrical about how welcome British residents and visitors would continue to be and that the authorities were doing everything possible to make life easy for Britons post Brexit.

From personal experience, swapping my green card for the new T.I.E was a stroll in the park - however at the newspaper we are continuing to be inundated with calls from people suffering all kinds of problems with no one to turn to for help and advice.

‘It’s in the hands of the Spanish’, one reader trying to solve her driving licence issue was told yesterday.

Spain appears to be playing Brexit by the Brussels book, unlike countries like Greece and Cyprus which have decided to “adapt” the rules and regulations for the benefit of their own economies and potential new British residents.

Both countries look set to gain, much to the cost of Spain, after implementing more flexible rules for long-term tourists.

The Greek Government has put in place a trio of tax incentives aimed exclusively at foreign tax residents who are considering moving to the country.

It is targeted at high earners, expatriates wishing to spend time in Greece, and the “work from anywhere” crowd. Spain needs to have a rethink regarding how it plans to treat the British.