IT will all come down to how many people have been vaccinated. This the key question which will unlock the tourist industry.

If the Balearics want a summer season then it will depend how many people on the islands have had the jab and at the moment the rollout has been slow.

The Spanish government claimed yesterday that half the population will have been vaccinated by July....a promise I hope they keep but I will eat my hat if they do so.

The Madrid regional government has entered negotiations with Russia to buy its Sputnik vaccine.

The move has been slammed by the central administration but perhaps it is the way forward for the Balearics.

Some local hoteliers have offered to buy the vaccine for their staff to try and kickstart the holiday season. The clock is ticking and action is needed and fast.

Could the Balearic government go out and buy a vaccine on the open market? Probably not but they could appeal to Madrid to give the islands priority status for the vaccine because of the importance of tourism.

Madrid has already said No to this suggestion but the prospect of a summer season without tourists is becoming more likely by the day if action is not taken.

The British market is vital for both Spain and the Balearics but for Prime Minister Boris Johnson vaccination is key.

Britain will be introducing a traffic light system and if Spain wants to avoid being in the red light section it must hope that there is a drop in cases and people get vaccinated.


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Lisa / Hace 10 months

Jason is spot on - the countries who vaccinate their populations will be the ones tourists return too.

And it can be done - Portugal are buying in more vaccines .... they’re leading the way!


Sara O. / Hace 10 months

Legalities aside, were would they buy it if the problem is supply not lack of funds? The Madrid regional government’s attempt to buy the Sputnik vaccine is purely politics (upcoming election and longstanding rivalry with the central government). The Sputnik vaccine hadn’t yet been approved by the EMA and considering that Russia can’t produce enough of it for their own people it’s highly unlikely that they would actually deliver in the near future even if approved. They want to produce it in the EU as well but that is going to take time. A long time! Our only hope is the increased delivery of the Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazenica vaccines plus the one shot Janssen vaccine delivery starting this month.