CAN Mallorca really consider opening up its tourist industry until the restrictions have been eased? Imagine you arrive on holiday and find that bars and restaurants have to close at 5p.m. and you have to be home by 10p.m. If you head to the beach you are obliged to wear a mask and of course there has to be social distancing.

There are also restrictions to hotels. So it is not exactly a fun environment. These restrictions are alright if the sun is shining but all you want is a few cold days and you will find yourself wishing that you were sitting at home!

Now of course I would prefer to be sitting on a beach in Mallorca (with or without a mask) than being in Manchester, London or Glasgow but the island has still a long way to go until life can be considered to be back to normal.

I think at the moment tourism bosses could be accused of trying to run before they can walk. We know that it is vital to get the industry moving but obviously we need to offer tourists more than closed bars and restaurants and restrictions.

A summer holiday is supposed to be your best 10 days of the year but the restrictions are quite severe. Granted that they are needed to keep us safe but tourists will probably expect more.

The Balearic government shows no sign of easing the restrictons at the moment, they will remain in place until at least May. Probably the best option is a June start for tourism, hopefully by then everything will be back to normal.