MALLORCA is facing another holiday season without tourists. The news from Britain was not good yesterday; even if Spain goes “Green” on the traffic light system, British tourists face having to pay for PCR tests.

This is an additional cost which many will not want to pay. If it goes “amber” then tourists will have to quarantine on their return to the United Kingdom. This is a nightmare scenario but I can see both side´s point of view; the travel industry, fearful over the cost of PCR tests want no tests or restrictions from countries in the “green zone.”

The British government, on the other hand, wants to play it safe and fears that there could be plenty of cases of “imported” coronavirus. Germany is also considering travel restrictions which could rob Mallorca of thousands of tourists.

Obviously, the situation could change sooner rather than later but I do get the impression that the British government is not going to take risks and allow millions of Britons to go away on holiday without control or testing.

This is all very bad news for Mallorca, which depends very heavily on the British and German markets. It is a question of Keep Calm and Carry On.

One of the ideas which has been put forward is for the money raised through the tourist tax to be used to pay for PCR tests for visiting tourists. It would be a hugely unpopular decision locally but it could be the only way forward if the island wants a holiday season this year.