HOPEFULLY, before the Autumn is over, we will have seen an influx of foreign tourist, many of which will be repeat visitors and second home owners, but they will all share one thing in common - the majority may not have been to Mallorca for the best part of a year and in some areas of the island they are going to get a shock.

Traveling into Palma or Calvia, they are going to be greeted with kilometres of road sides and buildings vandalised by graffiti.

Palma City Council recently announced some kind of task force, but it does not seem to have actually steamed into action while this week, the Council of Mallorca, and no doubts Calvia Council, have come under pressure from politicians to clean up the roadsides and empty buildings which have become a canvas for so-called graffiti artists, they are not even street artists -they are vandals and they are destroying the rich beauty of the island.
On my travels recently, I couldn’t see the almond blossom for the graffiti.

It angered and upset me, so who knows what impression these eyesores will give visitors, especially those coming for the first time. Paradise island, some areas are more like what the Bronx used to be famous for!

I would have thought tackling problems such as graffiti would not only be top of the authorities’ lists but also founded by the tourist tax. There are no excuses for it not being removed.