SPANISH covid cases vary a great deal from one region to another. Madrid continues to post some of the highest levels in Europe, not to mention Spain, while the Balearics and the Canary Islands have some of the lowest.

However, if central government is going to allow Spain to be lumped together as one country, the latest reports emerging from the UK is that, at best, Spain could be given amber clearance on its travel traffic light, which would be harsh and unfair for the Balearics.

So, if there are any hopes of safe air corridors between Spain and the UK, we need a Spanish traffic light system which will distinguish between those regions with higher than acceptable covid rates and those without, such as the Balearics.

Spain can not sit back and expect the rest of Europe to come flooding in once the floodgates are open. This week, in Germany, Croatia emerged as the most popular destination this summer - even though Germany could be placed into a travel lockdown.

The bulk of the holiday flights out of the UK are all heading to Eastern Mediterranean and long haul destinations - the benchmark is quite simple - vaccinations.

But, as Spain struggles to hit its target of 70% by September, it should be working with the regional authorities to try and give those destinations in a healthier position the chance to start opening.