Palma's beach | czelinski

NO one can question the UK’s long lasting love affair with Mallorca and the Balearics as a whole. Apart from having been the pillar of the region’s tourist industry, British investors and private individuals are the proud owners of some of the islands’ most beautiful properties.

Sir Richard Branson fell in love with Mallorca in the mid-eighties and went on to create one of the most famous hotels in the world- he is now investing tens of millions of euros inwhat he hopes to be the most exclusive eco-resort in the Mediterranean nestling between the mountains and the coast in Banyabulfar.

One of the most idillic coastal properties in Europe, La Fortaleza in Puerto Pollensa, is privately owned by the British banker Lord (James) Lupton who bought it for between £30 and 35 million in 2011.

And over the past week, the Reuben brothers, Britain’s second wealthiest family with a fortune of around 16 billion pounds, have invested in two more extensive coastal properties in Mallorca, taking their multi-million euro property portfolio on the island to five - not to mention their investments in Ibiza.

What long term plans the Reuben brothers have for Mallorca remains to be seen, they do not do interviews, but the fact that they, along with other UK investors, are continuing to splash out in Mallorca bodes well for the future of Mallorca-UK relations.