it will be very interesting to see how UK consumers respond.

it will be very interesting to see how UK consumers respond.


The big test is coming. Will the British flock back to Spain and in particular Mallorca once travel if eventually given the green light for take off?

While the majority of comments posted on the Bulletin website and other social media platforms are by readers who love Mallorca and can not wait to return, over the past few years, ever since the anti-tourism movement upped its game, there has been a steady increase in the number of comments from visitors and home owners who claim they no longer feel welcome in Mallorca - highlighting the slogans which were painted around Palma ordering tourists to go home.

“Immigrants yes, tourists no” was one image which went viral, did a lot of damage and has not been forgotten.

There are other complaints about poor service, rising prices and a general feeling that Mallorca no longer wants millions of tourists.

So, once the travel traffic lights starts flashing, it will be very interesting to see how UK consumers respond.

Many have already decided for a staycation - what is bookable in the United Kingsdom is pretty much already fully booked for the summer holidays and luxury hotels are about to embark on a united 50% off promotion.

All very tempting and with no need to go near an airport, sit on a plane or wear a mask to the beach.


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terry davies / Hace 9 months

There are thousands of British people who own property in Mallorca. Under current British rules they are allowed to travel to Spain if their property is let and they have a need to maintain it. However the Spanish Government will not allow them to visit even if they have been fully vaccinated and are prepared to take a PCR test. This is depriving the Mallorcan tourist sector of much needed funds. The Spanish Government are however allowing visitors from EU countries where the infection rate is far higher than the UK. Apparently the entry restrictions will be reviewed on the 30th April, hopefully the Spanish Government will apply some common sense!