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... was Florentino Pérez, who was saving football or, more importantly, Real Madrid. What he had to say did make some sense, such as how football is consumed by a young audience, but for the great majority it sounded like something that begins with a “b” and ends with a “t”.

And it wasn’t greatly disguised either, as Real Madrid’s financial future was intimately linked to the European Super League. Previously invisible and mysterious club owners came forward to apologise and seek forgiveness. We have listened to the fans and heard their pain. That sort of thing. Meanwhile, Florentino was still on “stand-by”.

Three cheers...

For, Palma town hall announcing that there will be no terrace tax charges for this year. By the end of this year, as Mayor Hila was keen to point out, there will have been almost two years of no terrace tax payment. “A great help,” stated the mayor, whose figures appeared to indicate that an average annual payment was in the region of 1,600 euros.

no terrace tax charges for this year

A help certainly, but then the town hall has come in for much criticism for not helping more. Meanwhile, one of the more curious aspects of the pandemic has been the way in which the town hall has appeared to appreciate the existence of terraces rather more than it had prior to the crisis.

A big boo...

For mindless vandalism. Police in Pollensa didn’t have too much problem finding the “minors” responsible for some graffiti in the port the other day, but a rather greater problem exists with what the port’s fishermen say is ongoing vandalism. There is theft, there are drinking sessions, and last Sunday a line was crossed.

The matter has been reported to the Guardia Civil

The ropes of a fishermen’s boat were let go and there was resultant damage when it struck the yacht club’s pier. The fishermen want the regional ports authority to instal security cameras that are angled towards the fishermen’s area. The matter has been reported to the Guardia Civil.